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At Reflect we don’t believe in quick fixes or one-size-fits-all procedures. Instead, we deliver highly personalised treatment plans and build lasting relationships with our patients, to ensure they receive the best care and get results.  To achieve the results, we have invested in the best medical aesthetic technology and training that is available. And to ensure your safety, all treatments are carried out in a clinical environment.

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An Introduction To Reflect Skin And Body Clinic

Reflect’s Lisa Evans-Reid Clinical Director  (IIST, BTEC Lights Lasers & Aesthetic Therapies, Advanced Skin Care Consultant, Nutritionist) gives you an insight into how we work.

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Patient Reviews

“Laser hair removal is more effective on dark hair, so finally being a brunette is better than being a blond!   I’ve now completed my second session of laser hair removal midlands, at Reflect Skin and Body Clinic, and can already see a significant difference. The procedure is relatively pain-free and offers so much more flexibility than waxing.   I can’t wait to spontaneously jump into a pair of shorts when the sun comes out, as opposed to thinking ‘oh no 1 week until the next wax’!    In the long term, the costs will even out as well.   Reflect Skin and Body are a highly professional team and have the most up to date, state of the art lasers – what more could I ask for! “

Emma Robinson

Patient Reviews

“Amazing! I had a skin analysis & a HydraFacial as I am nearing 30. Initially, I was worried about sun damage and helping to reduce the signs of ageing. Not only did I get this, I was educated in how to care for my skin and shown where I had been going wrong and how to correct it! And as for the HyrdaFacial!  Wow – blown away! My skin has never been so clear nor so clean! So impressed! Thank you, Lisa!”

Naomi Elvis

Not having posted a review on Facebook before, but this really does deserve a mention! I had a Hydrafacial and micro-needling treatment by Lisa Evans Reid at her skin clinic ‘Reflect Body Clinic’ in Stourbridge. I am booked for a course of these treatments and I am so delighted after just the first one. My skin hasn’t looked this clear and good in years! I can’t recommend this treatment and Lisa Evans Reid at ‘Reflect ‘ highly enough! ❤️



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