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In our acne clinic, we provide practical advice on the prevention and treatment of the condition. Acne starts in the early teens with most people, the pubescent years. However, it can affect anyone at any age and if a family member suffers you may be prone too.

Can acne cause scarring?

Yes, acne can cause scarring, the good news is that for most it will not. A simple pimple if not picked is unlikely to scar. However, scaring will occur if you allow the acne to go untreated. Acne comes typically in stages, first its the black or whitehead, then its the red pimple with puss. And finally, the deeply infected pore called cystic acne. The scarring is as a result of the damage the deep-rooted infection does to the skin.


Is it possible to treat scars?

The good news is that the appearance of the scar can be either reduced or in some cases got rid of altogether. However, it depends on the type and severity of the scarring. The first action is to book in for a free consultation, where the skin specialist will be able to assess your skin before recommending a suitable treatment plan.

How to treat acne?

In our skin clinic, we initially restore the health of the skin by cleaning out the blocked or infected pores. Then treating the skin’s pores with a solution that will kill any active bacteria and maintain the health of the skin. Also, it’s essential to follow the daily skin care routine that will be prescribed and to continue the regular treatment program. As this will help you keep the acne under control and reduce the risk of scarring.

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