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Ageing is a natural process that everyone goes through during their lifetime. However, some people naturally age at a faster rate than others. Outside factors can cause premature ageing with some people. These include diet, lifestyle, and exposure to the weather.

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in our skin that keeps it nice and supple. As we age the collagen levels naturally reduce and this is one of the reasons lines and wrinkles appear.

However, outside factors such as an unhealthy diet and exposure to harsh weather, including the sun can accelerate the process. Let us look at what we eat and drink. Eating and drinking foods high in nutrients are better for your skin health. Than eating foods high in sugar and bad fat which don’t contribute to positive general health. Overuse of alcohol and other stimulants like caffeine can contribute to the dehydration of the skin. Alcohol is often responsible for the loss of vitamin A, which is a critical part of your immune system. Protecting it from bacterial infection and helping with cell renewal.

Our Anti-Ageing Stourbridge clinic can help you to understand how your skin works allowing you to help yourself. Following a comprehensive skin consultation. The skin specialist will recommend the best products and treatments on an individual basis.

Why work with Reflect Skin & Body Clinic – Anti Ageing Stourbridge?

Reflect Skin & Body Clinic are the first clinic in the world to build a practice around the ‘Skin Health For Life Concept.’ We work with the leading none surgical brands who have proven advanced technology. Unlike most other providers who tend to rely on injectables to get the desired results like fillers.

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Anti Ageing Stourbridge