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Laser Hair Removal Experts

Asian Hair Removal Experts

Asian Hair removal

Laser hair removal of unwanted body and facial hair

Avoid skin lightening

Asian hair removal needs a powerful laser to penetrate the thick dark hair follicle and to kill the bulb at the root permanently.  However, to avoid lightening the skin, the laser needs to use both the correct wavelengths of light energy and power.

More Power

The Soprano Ice Platinum Laser is twice as fast and more powerful that any other laser available today.  Consequently, the Asian hair removal industry recognises this laser as the gold standard of  Asian laser hair removal.  An addition benefit is that it is virtually pain-free and there is no downtime following the treatment.  visit our Laser Hair Removal  Page for more information.

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Avoid the cheaper and less effective IPL

Hair removal Laser v IPL 

Laser’s and IPL (intense pulse light) systems are very different, a laser has a concentrated beam of light that is attracted to the hair follicle and kills the bulb permanently stopping hair growth.

The cheaper less effective IPL has a wider spread of light energy (like a light bulb) that hits the skin and the hair follicle at the same time.  But is unable to penetrate deep enough to destroy the bulb.  Without substantially increasing the power that can lead to skin lightening and burns.

Professional Clinics use lasers

Professional Asian hair removal clinics only use the best quality Lasers like the Soprano Ice Platinum to ensure the permanent removal of unwanted excess hair.

Pain Free

Asian Hair Removal Experts and our lead practitioners are qualified to ‘BTEC in Lights Lasers & Advanced Aesthetic Therapies’ standard.  Which is recognised as the highest qualification in the hair removal industry;  

Twice as fast

At Reflect we use the Award-Winning Soprano Ice Platinum Laser which is painless and permanently reduces excess hair from Asian skin twice as fast as any other laser that is available today.



Asian Hair Removal

Common Causes of Unwanted Hair

Asian people do tend to naturally have thicker darker hair than people with white skin.  However, hair growth can also be accelerated by increased hormone levels as with a common condition that affects females called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Therefore, It is very important to use a powerful laser to stop the hair growing permanently and not an inferior IPL system or laser.



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