Back Hair

Excess Hair

Back hair you either love it or hate it, comb it or want to get rid of it. For many, it is a real problem mainly affecting men, but females do suffer too. This is usually a result of an underlying illness that causes the production of excess male hormones.

The Benefits of Hair

In the cold weather excess hair can be an advantage acting like a blanket keeping you warm. Some people like a hairy bear which may be great if your male, but women would probably find it a little embarrassing.

The Problems With Hair

Thick hair can help keep you warm, however, it can also make you sweat and smell. In addition, this can result in a build-up of dead skin cells and bacteria leading to skin problems, like pimples and blackheads.

Some people may feel self-conscious when taking their clothes off whether in an intimate situation or on the beach. Wearing certain clothes can also be an issue as the hair shows through and becomes the focal point of the outfit!

How to Remove Excess Hair?

Shaving is a very popular method of hair removal, but you need someone to shave you. Unless you are very flexible and can rotate your head like an owl to guide the razor. Waxing is probably the most common form of hair removal, unlike shaving it rips the hair out from the root. The treatment is ideally carried out in a beauty salon every three to four weeks. However, you are likely to have to shave either daily or at least every few days. Both of these methods often leave the skin sore and stubbly as the back hair grows back, this can be very uncomfortable.

Laser hair removal is the only permanent solution for removing unwanted hair. The light energy penetrates the hair follicle killing the root.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Yes, a laser can be painful unless the laser is the Soprano Ice Platinum hair removal laser that has a pain free mode. Our laser hair removal clinic uses the Soprano Ice Platinum Laser.

Can Lasers Remove Hair From All Skin Types?

The Soprano Ice Platinum Laser with its three wavelengths and patented technology. Can treat all skin types from light to dark skin.

Do Lasers Remove Light-Coloured Hair?

No lasers don’t permanently remove light coloured hair as the light energy is reflected away. The darker the hair the more effective the laser is as the light energy is attracted to the dark hair.

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