What Are The Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal?

The benefits of laser hair removal include:

  • Lasers can target the hair leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.
  • Speed. lasers are fast taking a fraction of a second to treat many hairs at once.
  • Permanently removes unwanted hair.
  • Cost-effective in the medium term, no more shaving, or waxing.

Where Does Excess Hair Grow?

Hair can grow almost anywhere, but we don’t tend to see it on the soles of our feet or the palms of our hands due to friction. The base of our feet tend to be in contact with the ground most of the time and our hands are used to hold items, enabling us to eat drink and work.  The common areas that hair grows are on our faces, backs, legs and private parts.  Men often experience excess hair in the nose, ears and back as they age, which is normal.  However, some women have this issue too, in addition to chest hair.  Excess hair on the head doesn’t appear to be an issue for men as they tend to recede as they age, we’ll talk about that another day.

What causes fast hair growth?

Fast hair growth can be a symptom in females with Polycystic Ovarium Syndrome (POS) or another hormone-related medical condition. However, excess hair doesn’t just affect ladies; many gentlemen experience similar symptoms.  Which is due to a higher than normal level of androgens, including testosterone.

Feeling Body Conscious

There’s nothing worse than being self-conscious and feeling embarrassed about our appearance.  In today’s social media society where pictures can go viral and be seen by not only our peers but potentially many thousands of people around the world.  It’s no wonder that many people feel body conscious, especially as everyone else appears to be having a great time and look picture perfect.  The celebrities don’t help by looking so perfect, with their immaculate figures, hair, and clothes even after a wild night out.  Just remember the celebs are human just like you and me, they have bad hair days and put on the pounds.  But what they are good at is controlling their media and public image. Believe me; I see it all, in fact, the real person is usually nothing like you think they are!

On a serious note, not being able to wear shorts or a short top in the warm summer months due to unsightly hair can be somewhat distressing and then there’s the sweating as our body temperature rises along with our loss of patience.  Wanting to shed layers of clothing when its warm is natural and men will frequently do this unless they look like a bear!  Think about it you don’t see many men these days with a carpet of thick hair. “Bird makes a nest in hairy chest” as my father used to say, is no more!  Its all designer stubble and the smooth hair-free look.

Does having a lot of hair make you sweat more?

Excess hair retains heat and when mixed with sweat and dead skin becomes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria producing unpleasant smells.  In extreme circumstances, this bacteria can lead to skin problems infections and fungus.  Some of the skin problems like boils, ringworm and lice will need to be treated by a medical professional.

With regular daily cleansing, routine skin problems can be avoided and by keeping the hair neat and tidy.  Many people decide to remove the hair permanently with laser hair removal.  Our laser of choice is the Soprano Ice Platinum Hair removal laser, which is known as the gold standard.  With three combined wavelengths which are unique and the pain-free mode, this laser is special!  Also, the Soprano Platinum is twice as powerful than its predecessor the Soprano Ice XL.  Resulting in the Soprano Ice Platinum removing hair twice as fast.

What Are The Causes Of Excess Hair?

Excess hair may be as a result of health issues, or genetics.  Some people are just naturally hairy while others may have no hair at all.  Hair can come in all colours and thicknesses.  Both of these will have a bearing on the appearance of the hair and how easy it is to remove.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (POS) is a prevalent disease that affects only females, one of the many symptoms of this condition is excess hair growth that can affect all parts of the body.

Genetics is the biggest reason for hair growth; some races tend to be hairier than others.  As a general rule, Asian and Middle Eastern skin has more hair than white or black skin.

Hair colour and to a slightly lesser extent skin colour have a significant bearing on how effective laser hair removal will be and how many sessions may be needed.  Lasers are highly effective the darker the hair as the light energy is quickly absorbed, whereas the lighter hair reflects the light energy away.  It’s like wearing white clothes in the sun as they keep you cooler.  The good news is that we can usually use Electrolysis to remove fairer unwanted hairs, this is slower but permanent.

Can all skin types have laser hair removal?

Skin type will be considered before treatment because some lasers don’t work on all skin types. Until recently, the majority of lasers only worked on lighter skin types.  However, with advances in laser technology, some laser can treat all skin types.

A word of warning the light energy if misused it can cause pigmentation damage (lightening of the skin). Pigmentation damage may be irreversible, so make sure the clinic and the laser specialist are trained. Also, it is quite common for outlets to refer to laser hair removal when in fact they have an Intense Pulse Light system (IPL).  An IPL is not a laser, follow the link to one of my articles to understand the difference between the systems so that you know why laser should be the prefered choice. Laser hair Removal Birmingham.

We use the  Soprano Ice Platinum Laser that can treat all skin types in our clinic.

When should I get laser hair removal?

It is generally advised that:

  • You should avoid laser treatments if you have been in the sun within the last four weeks.
  • If you are sunburnt or have a tan you should avoid treatment.
  • Four-week gaps should be left between laser hair removal treatments.

However, all of the above does not apply to all lasers, like the Soprano Ice Platinum which can treat people who have been in the sun and that are tanned.  But it is advisable to check with the laser technician and laser manufacturer before treatment.

All Year Round  Laser Hair Removal Treatments

The Soprano Ice Platinum Laser Hair Removal system with its three wavelengths is the only laser in the world that can effectively remove hair at any time.

Generally speaking, you should avoid laser hair removal treatments before and after sunbathing. The reason for this is to prevent burning and hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is discolouration of the skin.

Thankfully the Soprano Ice’s patented technology prevents hyperpigmentation and allows you to enjoy hair removal treatments at any time of the year.  Alma laser’s marketing material states that you could come straight off the beach for your treatment.  However, it’s essential that you follow the advice of your laser technician during treatment plans to get the best results.

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