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Why Do We Have Jars Of Apricots On Reception

Now the reason why I’m talking about these three jars with apricots in them is that everybody keeps asking me why they’re downstairs on our reception desk. It’s just a really simple way of explaining to you about the different types of skin products that you can use on your skin.

Skin Products Best

Skin Products Best





Oil-based Products

I have nothing against oil, it’s fantastic. It is very beneficial, however, if you’re looking at your skin health and you’re looking at having regular treatments to get your hydration levels up, oil’s not necessarily the ideal thing to start with.

So in the video, we have these lovely little apricots. I don’t know if you can see them very well, but this is an apricot and I’m kind of saying that this is like your skin. It’s not, but it’s the best example that we can give. This is an apricot that is a little bit dry, a little bit dehydrated. So it looks a little bit wrinkly. Now that’s how it’ll stay if you don’t hydrate your skin.

But a lot of ladies come into me saying, “Oh, but I use oil on my skin at night. So why do I always look so pruney, dry and dehydrated?” , “And I drink lots of water!”. This is great, but using oil when the skin is dehydrated is not ideal because it doesn’t rehydrate your skin it just sits on the surface. If you look at the apricot its made no difference!

Skin Serum

If you use a serum, you will see the big, fat, juicy apricot in the jar that you’re beautifully hydrated. This is because the serum is easily absorbed by the skin.

We recommend having a regular Hydrafacial and secondly, using the right products that maintain your skins hydration levels.

Skin Serum

Best Skincare Products

Selecting the best skin care products can be daunting as there is a wide selection.  All making claims that their brand’s skincare product is the best and often celebrity endorsed.  Initially, most people are looking for the best face care products for their skin type.  Typically for dry skin treatment on the face and around the eyes.  Lines and Wrinkles is another common problem that people wish to deal with.  This can often be treated with collagen supplements or treatments like Hydrafacial that encourage the natural production of collagen.

Following a consultation, we will recommend the most suitable products for your skin.  Our products are all prescribed and are not available on the high street.

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