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  • Depression – Mood
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Migraine
  • Insomnia
  • Sports Injury 
  • Body Shaping
  • Anti Ageing-Cryofacial
  • Detoxification
  • Healing Post Surgery
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
Eye Rejuvenation

Thermal Shock Therapy

CryoStimulation employs the use of extremely cold temperatures to rapidly cool the skin.  Which increases the temperature of the treatment area by stimulating a rush of blood circulation and hormones.  However, CryoStimulation does not involve the freezing of any skin and is pain-free.


Cryo Thermal Shock Therapy is a procedure that has been used primarily in sports medicine for decades.  The process was discovered in 1978 by, a Japanese medical doctor Toshima Yamauchi who was looking for a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Early therapies involved applying freezing instruments to small, targeted areas of a person’s body, and the process has evolved over time into the procedures now on offer.

The benefits of CryoStimulation range from relieving physical pain, mobility and helping with psychological issues.  Where, the patient receives instant natural pain relief, primarily due to its ability to inhibit inflammation and reduce muscle tension.  Along with, an increase in Mobility and flexibility as a greater range of movements and stretching can be achieved. In addition, the patient’s strength grows due to the ability to perform resistance exercise. Finally, with the increased blood flow transporting oxygen and hormones such as B-Endorphins that help to promote the bodies natural healing process and emotional wellbeing.    

Boost Your Immune System With CryoStimulation

Cryotherapy helps to Boost the immune system helping to protect against viruses such as Covid-19. Researchers in China have identified during clinical studies that CryoStimulation increases T cell (white blood cell) production in the body.  That is a crucial defence against viruses and other bodily invaders. 

Viruses such as Covid-19 cause an inflammatory immune response which may deplete the T cells, leaving the body vulnerable to secondary infections. Along with the associated complications such as in the case of COVID respiratory and organ failure!  

Doctors at Third Military Medical University in China have stated that T cell counts are important to maintain a healthy respiratory function. In contrast, patients with low T lymphocyte counts are more likely to require urgent, early intervention.

How to restore white blood T & B cells?

CryoStimulation is a form of Immunomodulation, which help to restore normal immune system function naturally. A Cryo Applicator is used to lower the temperature of the treatment area, stimulating an anti-inflammatory response. And encouraging both B and T white blood cells to be produced, boosting the immune system.

How long do the treatments take?

The CryoStimulation procedure on average takes between two and twelve minutes. However, larger areas may take longer to treat.

Combined Treatments

CryoStimulation can be a stand-alone treatment or can be combined with the BOA Massage Suit to deal with both your physical and mental wellbeing.  If boosting your immune health is a high priority you can combine both CryoStimulation and the BOA with the healthy eating supplements.


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Combined Treatment Options

Boost Your Immune System


  • CryoTite      –  Ask in the clinic – information coming soon.
  • CryoBrite    –  Ask in the clinic – information coming soon.
  • CryoClear   –  Ask in the clinic – information coming soon.
  • Instant Cryo – Ask in the clinic – information coming soon
  • Healthy Eating – Boost your immune system with the correct balance of vitamins nutrients and minerals. Test your current levels of nutrients.  
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