Dark Circles Around Eyes

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Dark Circles Around Eyes

Dark circles around eyes

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Many people suffer from dark circles under the eyes. They are embarrassing and make you look older than you are. There are lots of reasons why including lack of sleep or too much sleep, excessive alcohol consumption over the recommended limits and not drinking enough water.  Not eating a healthy diet can also be a contributory factor.

In our experience, dehydration and the overuse of eye products especially ones that are chemical based can be a major cause of dark circles around the eyes.  These products can cause a film of dirt that sits on top of the skin, starving it of the natural oils, oxygen and moisture that are required to have healthy looking skin.

Restore that bright skin tone and reduce the appearance of dull skin with Reflects range of treatments;

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Treatment Options

Dark Circles Around Eyes 

Treatment Options

  • HydraFacial – is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that delivers instant results with no discomfort or downtime. The procedure is immediately effective in clearing the skin of debris and encouraging the natural replacement of oils.
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  • Perk Eye Service – in as little as 10 minutes, a Perk treatment focuses on replenishing your face.
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  • Remedy Lift & Tone Facial – will also improve the texture of the skin, increase circulation and encourage rejuvenation and cellular activity.
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Dark Circles Around Eyes Treatment
Dark Circles Around Eyes
Dark Circles Around Eyes
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