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We keep our bodies healthy with exercise and good food. The Express Facial Studios range of treatments will help you maintain healthy skin!  With solutions that will leave your skin looking and feeling great, this is achieved through the use of natural products and education.


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The Express Facial Studio

Healthy skin treatments designed for busy people, whether it’s a quick facial, a lip boost, to brighten those tired eyes or rejuvenate your hands. The treatments are express lasting no more than 30 minutes. Many of the solutions have a months supply of product to take away. It could be carried in your bag for times of need.

Treatment Options Include:


The Express Hydrafacial

Ideally suited for people between the ages of 30 – 40 with the early signs of ageing.  A celebrity favourite!

The Dynamic Duo Red 

Perfect for anyone with very sensitive skin, that needs calming.

Dynamic Duo Blue

This solution is perfect for teenagers who are suffering from poor skin health, such as acne.  

Perk Facial (Take home Product)

Described as the education and prevention facial.  This is designed for people under the age of 30 with good skin.

3 Perk Facial (Take home Product)

Perk 3 is a combination of all the Perk treatments with all the benefits.

Perk Eyes (Take home Product)

A rejuvenating and awakening treatment for the delicate eye area leaving them bright and alive.

Perk Lips (Take home Product)

Plump up your pout, with Perk’s lip revitalising solution. 

Hand Rejuvenation 

If you want a good indication of someone’s age look at their hands. The hand rejuvenation treatment is designed to make your hands look younger.



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