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Eye Rejuvenation

Eye Rejuvenation

Your eyes are the window to the soul and are the first part of you that people see when you interact. Making good eye contact with people you meet is very important as it instills confidence.

Unfortunately, one of the first areas affected by ageing is our eyes. And everyday clients come and consult with us about this problem that they find very distressing. As you can’t hide behind the sunglasses all day, at some point, you have to face the world.

We discuss below some of the most common eye rejuvenation problems people encounter. And in most cases, we can help to restore that youthful appearance without surgery. Our solutions are non – surgical that encourage the body to naturally correct.

Droopy Upper Eyelids

One of the first signs of ‘looking’ tired is the extra skin hanging down around the upper eyelids. Also, resulting in a potential loss of vision. For more information on Droopy Eyes follow the link.

Saggy & Baggy Lower Eyelids

Another area of concern are bags within the lower eyelids. These bags are typically fat pockets in the lower eyelid that begin to ‘pouch’ out from under the skin, again making it look like you haven’t slept in days. The bags are often dark and in some cases unsightly which usually adds to the distress.

Wrinkles Around The Eyelids (Crows Feet)

Additionally, wrinkles around the eyelids, known as ‘crow’s feet’ around the outside of the eye are very common.

Common Causes

Generally speaking Droopy, Baggy Eyes and Crows Feet are in most cases due to the ageing process. And caused by the reduction in collagen in the skin which is very typical as we age. Some people mature faster than others; we often say “that it’s in their genes” and it is. However, with others, its accelerated due to poor diet and lifestyle.

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  • Sublimation – Is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that removes skin imperfections. The procedure is immediately effective. With no downtime and minimal discomfort.


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