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What Causes Droopy Eyelids?

Droopy eyelid, also called ptosis, may occur due to a physical or emotional event. Or maybe as a result of old age, or a medical disorder. The condition is called unilateral ptosis when it affects one eye or bilateral ptosis when it affects both eyes. It’s not always permanent and can in sometimes come and go.  And it is rarely present at birth, where it’s called a congenital ptosis. However, droopy eyelids are more likely to appear in later in life as a result of ageing, which is known as acquired ptosis.

How do droopy eyelids affect you?

Depending on the severity, droopy upper eyelids can substantially reduce vision depending on how much it obstructs the pupil. In most cases, the disorder can be resolved, either naturally or through medical intervention.  And now using the non-surgical option called sublimation. In addition to the physical effects of having droopy eyes, there is also the emotional effect that this has on an individual.  Namely feeling self-conscious and unattractive.

Who gets Droopy Eyelids?

Anyone can get droopy eyelids, and there aren’t significant differences in prevalence between male and females or between racial origin. However, it’s most common in older people because of the ageing process. The muscle responsible for lifting the eyelid stretches as you age causing the eyelid to droop.  However, the primary symptom of droopy eyelids is that one or both upper eyelids sag. In some cases, this can affect your vision. Also, extremely dry or watery eyes can be another symptom, and you may notice that your face looks weary and tired. You may experience mild discomfort around the eyes, which may also cause you to look tired. Often people with severe droopy eye may have to tilt their heads back to see when speaking, during a normal conversation. Persistent droopy eyelid needs to be investigated by your doctor to make sure there are no underlying conditions. Especially if you are experiencing severe headaches or have had other symptoms after the drooping started.  Book Now ________

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  • Sublimation – Is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that removes skin imperfections. The procedure is immediately effective. With no downtime and minimal discomfort.


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