Facial Treatment

People have Facial treatments for a wide variety of reasons.  Often to maintain a glowing, healthy complexion or to help to control or cure a problem or ongoing skin condition.

Whatever the motivation, it is vital to understand the current health of the skin.  And to identify the reasons behind any problems or conditions.  Also, it is essential to ensure that the facial treatment is the most suitable for the skin, as the wrong one could potentially aggravate the skin.

Skin Health

Skin health, including lines and wrinkles, can be affected by eating unhealthy foods.  And the overuse of stimulants like alcohol and caffeine.  Also, avoid foods with a high sugar and salt content.  Along with foods that contain saturated fat.

The Weather

Overexposure to the wind and sun can be a factor that increases the signs of ageing.  The wind can cause dry skin and weaken the skins outer layer making it more susceptible to the harmful rays of the sun.  Always use a good quality sunscreen ideally factor 50 on the face and 30 elsewhere.  All available in the clinic!

How to choose a treatment

The treatment should be recommended by your skin professional to ensure the best treatment for your skin.  And it should be remembered that even though you will often notice a difference after the first treatment.  Lasting results are gained over time, after all, how long did it take to get the lines or the skin condition.

What facial treatments are available at Reflect Skin & Body Clinic

The most advanced proven treatments and brands are available. Including Leading brands like HydraFacial and Soprano.  Our full treatment suite can successfully reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and scars.  Along with controlling or curing skin problems like Acne and Eczema.

The Next Step

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Facial Treatment