Hair Removal For Men

Hair Removal for Men

This is more popular than ever at our laser hair removal clinic in Stourbridge. Men wish to be hair free for many reasons ranging from vanity to health. This isn’t just an increasing trend in our laser hair removal clinic in the Black Country but throughout the Western world. With ageing populations, men are living and working longer and are taking care of themselves.


In our laser hair removal clinic, the most popular method of permanently removing unwanted hair is the laser. However, shaving and waxing are both generally popular. Shaving is very practical and cheap as all you need is a razor some shaving soap and some water. The downside the process will need to be carried out either daily or every few days to remain smooth. In addition, shaving often leaves the skin sore and red, resulting in downtime.

Waxing lasts about three to four weeks before the stubble starts to show. This method consists of hot wax strips being placed on the treatment area and once cooled being ripped off taking the unwanted hair from the root. Unlike shaving, waxing does come very sharp and leaves the skin frequently red and sore for a few days.

Both waxing and shaving would require someone to help unless you’re very flexible and can comfortably reach the awkward areas.

Laser hair removal is the only solution for hair removal for men that is permanent. At our laser hair removal clinic, we use the Soprano Ice Platinum laser hair removal system. This laser is recognised as the best laser in the world to permanently remove unwanted hair. The patented technology can treat all skin colours all year round and has a pain free mode. Most laser hair removal treatments are painful, but not with the Soprano Ice Platinum laser.

The most common areas for male body hair removal

Back and chest hair is the most common areas of unwanted hair that men wish to remove in our laser hair removal clinic. Some guys like the hair removed from their whole body too, it’s all personal choice.

How much is laser hair removal for men?

On average it will take between 6-8 hair removal sessions at a cost of £229 for the full body that’s a total of between £1374 and £1832. However, more treatments may be needed if the hair is thick and dense or based on body size. A larger area will take more time and our laser technicians will be able to give you a good estimate during your free consultation and patch test.

Does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is a permanent method of hair removal, it kills the root with its light energy. The body has millions of active and inactive hair follicles, the laser energy will only destroy the active ones. Therefore, further treatments may be needed in the future if the inactive follicles become active.


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