Hair Removal Men

Hair Removal Men What Works And What doesn’t?

The options for both female and males are the same, so if there’s any doubt about the procedure speak to a female friend or relative, most will have tried it at some point.

In my experience, men tend to get excessive hair growth on their backs, ears and nose. We know this as these tend to be the main areas where we permanently remove hair for men — however, some guys like the all-over smooth look except the head and beard.

A hormone imbalance causes excess hair growth and for men baldness. These hormones control the development of masculine characteristics in both men and women. Hormone (Androgen) receptors are in the hair follicles where they influence the growth rate of the hair!

Historically men have always visited a barber to remove and maintain their hair. Our local Turkish Barber not only styles the hair but removes nose hair by inserting a hot wax cloth into the nose and then ripping it out. It’s a joy to watch my beloved experience waxing, the tears in his eyes said it all! Ear hairs are burnt away with what my husband described as a blow torch.

Today’s options for permanent hair removal are less primitive. They can be virtually pain-free if you make the right choice. In our clinic, we use a medical-grade four award-winning laser the ‘Soprano Ice Platinum’ which is known as the best hair removal laser in the world. The three wavelength technology and cooling tip are patented. Making it the only laser to be able to treat all skin types dark and light, including tanned. It’s fast and for most people will remove the hair in six to eight sessions. However, very thick and densely populated hair may need more treatments.

laser v IPL

Firstly, lasers and IPL (Intense Pulse Light) machines and technologies are very different demonstrated in the results and the systems purchase price. Briefly, a laser emits a concentrated beam of light energy within a specific wavelength or wavelengths if we were discussing our laser the ‘Soprano Ice Platinum’.’ In contrast, the IPL delivers a broad spectrum of light energy for this example, similar to a light bulb. In practice, this means that the laser’s concentrated energy is attracted to the hair follicle penetrating to the root killing it. Conversely, the IPL’s scattered approach is less focused impacting the surrounding skin and not penetrating the hair as effectively. 

The operator’s experience and skill is a significant factor in the success of the treatment with either machine. Always check the technician is trained and qualified. 

The other options are:

  • Alternative Hair Removal Laser
  • IPL (Intense Pulse Light) – Not a Laser!
  • Waxing
  • Shaving
  • Sugaring
  • Creams

Different Hair Removal Lasers

In today’s world, there are many different types of lasers all designed for various purposes; it all about the wavelength. It would be pointless using a laser designed for skin resurfacing for hair removal!  

The other issue is quality and brand; many cheap lasers are manufactured and copied in China without the proper checks. So I would suggest always stick to a well-known brand like Soprano, Lynton, Syneron Candella. Branded manufacturers provide training. They are unlikely to sell their products to anyone who is not capable of using it correctly. After all, it’s their brand name at risk.

Most laser treatments are painful due to the intense light energy, except for the Soprano Ice Platinum laser with its patented tip! And unless the laser has multiple wavelengths, it will only effectively treat specific skin types.


Sadly, many outlets promote Laser Hair Removal; when they use an IPL, this should be your first warning sign that they don’t know the difference. However, as technology has developed, so has IPL technology, and in skilled hands, the results have improved.


This popular method of hair removal is not permanent and need repeating at three to four-week intervals. Hot wax cools on the treatment area and then is ripped off taking the unwanted hair with it. My eyes are watering at the thought, remembering that the procedure is carried out in sections! The skin is sore from the hot wax and the hair being torn out from the route, but usually settles within a few days. Realistically, due to regrowth, you get to enjoy a couple of weeks of hair free before the process starts again.


Shaving is the most traditional method of hair removal, probably dating back thousands of years. It involves using a sharp blade along with some lubricant to remove the hair at the surface of the skin. Modern razors are designed to provide a longer-lasting result and to match the contours of the body. However, this doesn’t replace the need to have a shave buddy to shave you in those awkward places.

Unfortunately, shaving is not permanent and is repeatable is not daily every few days to keep the area hair-free. The sharp blade often leaves the skin sore and inflamed. However, this is less likely with modern-day razors.


This method is less common in the western world. It involves using a dissolved hot sugar solution instead of wax, waiting for it to cool then tearing it off the skin along with the unwanted hair. As you can imagine, this is not a sweet solution (sorry couldn’t help myself), but like waxing leaves the skin sore and often inflamed.

Hair Removal Men Creams

Using a delipidation cream is still popular with mainly the older ladies. In our research, I have not found one man who has used it twice for the reason that will be obvious!

Delipidation creams dissolve the unwanted hair on the surface of the skin and can penetrate a little deeper. However, it’s not permanent and is likely to be needed weekly. The hair removal cream works by breaking down the proteins in the hair, and after the instructed time, you wipe off the cream with the hair.  

A word of warning, read the instructions and the side effects as the chemicals can result in irritation and pain if applied to the more sensitive areas of your body.


In summary, the laser may appear to be the expensive option, but when you realise the hair is permanently removed, leaving you forever smooth. With no more shaving, waxing and the associated expense and discomfort its a better value option by far.

You should always do your research and find out about the laser and the technician who will be doing your treatment. At our clinic, we guarantee the results, or we refund your money.

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