Summer Hair Removal Tips

Summer Hair Removal Tips

If you are aiming for carefree summer days, then unwanted excess hair needs treating now. Starting laser hair removal in June means you could be halfway free by the summer, it will undoubtedly be sparser. Furthermore, an advantage of the laser is that you can shave between sessions. Also, you can have laser treatments during the summer months.

If your a waxer or a shaver then angry bumps and ingrowing hairs can be so unsightly resulting in you staying covered. However, there is no need to cover up as we have many options to help remove those unwanted hairs, including Laser Hair Removal, Waxing, Electrolysis.

Find our more book a free consultation, and we can talk you through the options. You shall wear that skimpy bikini!

Can I have laser hair removal in the summer?

Yes, you can have laser hair removal in the summer, with a laser that uses combined wavelengths. Therefore, it is essential to understand the different hair removal lasers and IPL’s as being treated with the wrong system could result in burns and pigmentation damage.

Alexandrite lasers perform best with light skin, whereas an ND Yag is suitable for all skin colours.

IPL (intense pulse light) are not lasers (the technology is different) and should never be used in the summer months or on tanned skin. As this can result is skin damage. In our clinic, IPLs are used for skin rejuvenation, not for removing hair.


What laser can you use for hair removal in the summer?

The only laser that can be used safely for hair removal in the summer months is the Soprano Ice Platinum Laser. This laser uses a patented technology that combines three wavelengths. Also, it has a unique ice tip on the handpiece, resulting in the treatments being virtually pain-free.  The Soprano Ice Platinum uniquely combines the following wavelengths making it highly versatile and fast:

  • Alex Technology: 755nm wavelength offers more powerful energy absorption, making it ideal for the broadest range of hair types and colours, especially light coloured and fine hair.
  • Speed™ Technology: 810nm is the classic wavelength for deep penetration of the hair follicle.
  • YAG Technology: 1064nm wavelength provides for the deepest penetration of the hair follicle, making it an optimal solution for darker skin.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Generally speaking, laser treatments are uncomfortable as the light energy used heats the skin. However, the Soprano Ice Platinum laser has a unique cooling tip that cools the skin during treatment, making the process virtually pain-free. Less sophisticated lasers have to rely on either ice or a cold air blower during treatment.

Does laser permanently remove hair?

Laser energy kills the hair permanently at the root. The lasers light energy is attracted to the melanin in the hair avoiding the surrounding skin. This energy, after six to eight treatments, kills the bulb at the root of the hair follicle. Light hair cannot usually be treated with laser as it contains very little melanin. Darker hair contains more melanin and is, therefore, straightforward to permanently remove.

Will laser irritate my skin?

Laser hair removal kills the bulb at the root of the targeted hair follicles. Some patients may experience slight redness or irritation in the areas treated. However, this is very uncommon with modern hair removal lasers. And any reaction would usually clear within a few days.

We have treated hundreds of patients over the last decade, and to date have not had any reported irritation following treatment. Every patient has a comprehensive medical consultation that looks for potential issues, including, a patch test at least 48 hrs before their first session. Also, our laser has the most advanced patented technology, combining three wavelengths of light energy. Along with a unique cooling tip on the handpiece, that cools the skin during treatment, reducing the potential for irritation, and making the process virtually pain-free.

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