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Improved ability to fight Infection and Viruses

Better Longterm Health

Stronger Bones 

Healthier Skin

Heart Health

Prevents Hardening of the Arteries

Cholesterol Reduction

Reduce Blood Pressure

Anti Ageing 

Tooth Health

Supports Eye function

Healthy Hair

Vegan option

Preventing Asthma

Supporting Mental Health

Weight Loss 

Decreases Liver Fat

Supporting Infant Brain Development

Dementia Prevention

Healthy Eating


How to improve the immune system?

Consuming the right balance of food is critical for the immune system to do its job in protecting the body’s health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, in the Western World, our diet lacks sufficient levels of essential vitamins and minerals, which can lead to increased levels of inflammation in the body. Inflammation creates the perfect backdrop for diseases to flourish.

Decreasing inflammation in the body, and improving cell health helps to maintain our vital organs. Such as our heart, brain, gut, immune system, normal eye function, blood triglyceride levels, teeth and hair function. Along with promoting brain function during pregnancy and early life.

*High triglyceride levels in the blood can lead to, heart problems, stroke and can be a sign of conditions such as diabetes.*

How to get a healthy immune system?

Each cell in our body has a cell membrane; this is the outer structure that holds the cells together. These cell membranes are made of omega 6 and omega 3. For Optimal strength, each cell needs three Omega 6 to one Omega 3.  We call this the ‘Three to One Balance Ratio’.

Why is the Omega 6 to Omega 3 Ratio 15 to 1 in the Western World?

Western diets tend to be rich in Omega 6, as we don’t eat a vast quantity of fresh oily fish which contain Omega 3. Also, much of the food is processed and lacks many of the required vitamins and minerals our body needs. As a result, the Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio in the Western world tends to be 15 to 1, which many health professionals and nutritionists believe contributes to higher levels of inflammation in the body. Achieving a balance of 3 to 1 should help your immune system function efficiently, thus providing many health benefits.

What is the difference between Omega 6 and Omega 3?

Omega 6 comes from vegetables, while Omega 3 comes from fish. Western diets tend to be rich in Omega 6; as we don’t eat a vast quantity of fresh oily fish, hence why the recognised balance is out of sync. Most of us will never know what our Omega 6 to 3 balance as we have no way to test. Until now, later in the page show, you how to get a test and boost your Omega 3 levels. However, I suggest you read further to get the full picture of how to improve your immune system and health.

A lack of fresh food is a likely consequence, along with an increase in processed and fast convenience foods. But that isn’t the full story, gut health, the good and bad bacteria, we’ve all seen the adverts on TV for Probiotics.

What is gut health?

There is a clear relationship between the health of our gut and all of our organs and tissues. 

Our gut plays an essential and crucial part of our health. It is reliant on the colony of bacteria and microorganisms that live in our large intestine. These microorganisms contribute to the digestion and absorption of the nutrients from our food.

Many people with western diets have an imbalance in this bacterial colony. We’ve all heard of good and bad bacteria, and we want more of the good than the bad.


Healthy Eating

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The Solution Delivered To Your Door

Healthy Eating – Boost Your Immune System

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We suggest taking all three supplements together to gain the best results. However, balanced oil is the essential supplement.

These three products act as crucial building blocks that serve as the foundation for our immune system to help prevent inflammation and disease. Alongside a healthy and balanced diet, these three supplements will help towards optimum and improved quality of life. For legal reasons, we are not permitted to name the brand but provide a link to their website where you can order online. 

Combination cost £210 plus a Six month Subscription of £66 per month      Saving 51%  (R R P £410 & £86 pm)

The suggested combination of products as follows:

  • Omega 3 Balanced Oil
  • Pre Biotic
  • Multi-Vitamin Supplements

First delivery
Sent to you as soon as your order is processed

  • Omega 3 Balance Oil, 300 ml x2
  • Omega 3 Balance Oil, 100 ml x2
  • Pre Biotic, 180 g x2
  • Multi-Vitamin, 60 Tablets x2
  • Test x2*

From your second delivery onwards

  • Omega 3 Balance Oil, 300 ml
  • Pre Biotic, 180 g
  • Multi-Vitamin, 60 tablets

* You will find one Test in your first delivery. Your second Test will be delivered automatically after 120 days so you can see both your “before” and “after” results.

The products are ordered online and delivered to your home or place of work. Also, it allows you to research the products yourself and to see why so many health professionals are as excited as we are. And to choose your combination, however, the three products above are optimum.

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Wart Removal

Vegan Option

Vegan Omega 3 balanced oil comes from algae.                                                                 

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Available Flavours

One of the great benefits of this oil is that it doesn’t taste or smell of fish, the dominant taste is that of extra virgin olive oil plus the flavouring. Such as mint, lemon, orange, lime and vanilla.   

Water Soluble Option

For people who do not like taking oils, there is a water-soluble option.

Who can use the product?

This product is suitable for all, including pregnant ladies as well as children of all ages.


An independent laboratory does the analysis and sends you the results electronically. The report is very comprehensive and explains your deficiencies if any, and recommends dietary improvements. The benefit of testing is you can do it before taking supplements and then as recommended 120 days so you can measure any changes.

Source of oil

Wild unprocessed Icelandic fish oil refined to remove any environmental contaminants. The oil is certified free of heavy metals and toxins and follows all regulatory requirements for production. 

The polyphenols come from cold-pressed extra virgin oil, which is certified GMO-free.


Product Information

Balanced Oil

The balanced oil comes with an optional test kit so that you can check your omega 6 to 3 balance before and after taking the product.  

This balanced oil contains two high-grade omega-three oils derived from oily fish and polyphenols derived from extra virgin oil. The two types of omega 3s are EPA and DHA together they reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of chronic disease. Such as heart disease, they also support the healthy function of the brain and eyes. Whereas, the polyphenols a potent antioxidant, help to combat oxidative stress, which is a contributory factor to premature ageing.

Vitamin D regulates the levels of calcium and phosphate in the body. Both nutrients are needed to maintain healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Low levels of vitamin D can cause bone deformities such as rickets in children, and bone pain caused by a condition called osteomalacia in adults.


There are many multivitamins on the market, and it can be challenging to know which one is the best based on ingredients and price.

The quality of the multivitamin and the range of nutrients is critical; this is why we like the one we are suggesting as it fulfils these criteria.  

It is an advanced multivitamin supplement which contains a full range of vitamins and minerals, fighter nutrients and beta-glucans. B vitamins and minerals such as copper, zinc and iodine are essential to keep our energy levels high. Other vitamins such as D, C & K, along with magnesium, help to improve bone and joint function. The Beta-glucans are clinically proven to boost the immune system. The folic acid, B6, iron and copper also contribute to the immune system.  

The essential nutrients and polyphenols, combined with a healthy balanced diet, have many health benefits.  

The multivitamin is a great supplement to use alongside the balanced oil as it provides a complete nutrient support program. There is also an upgraded version of the multivitamin called Plus, which has an increased level of vitamins and minerals.


A prebiotic is a blend of five dietary fibres that help promote the growth of the good bacteria. The good bacteria use these dietary fibres as fuel, allowing them to outgrow or displace the harmful bacteria. Resulting in improved gut health, balanced cholesterol, less blood-sugar spiking after meals, along with better bowel function.  

Maintaining this healthy colony of bacteria is also linked to having better mood and stamina and helps reduce appetite and bloating.  

Many prebiotic supplements only contain one or two of the fibres that the good bacteria feed off.

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