Hydrafacial Extraction

Hydrafacial Extraction is one of the Six unique steps of the overall treatment. Extraction – removes debris, dirt and dead skin from the skin’s pores and infuses the skin with a combination of natural minerals. Clogged pores not only make the skin’s appearance look dull and unhealthy but can lead to other more severe skin problems, including acne if left untreated.

The Extraction of impurities and the infusion of natural minerals help the skin return to normal health. This process is made possible by the patented tip used in the procedure. Other manufacturers can not copy Hydrafacial’s technology due to the patents, but be aware of cheap copies; after all, it’s your skin’s health they’re cheating!

Hydrafacial’s other steps include:


Lymphatic drainage helps to clear your body of harmful toxins. 

Cleansing & Exfoliation

Removing dead skin cells and other debris. 

Brightening Agent

Immediately brightens your skin tone.


That leaves your skin looking hydrated and fuller.


This part of the treatment naturally helps to reduce inflammation.

Free Skin Consultation

During your complimentary skin consultation, the Aesthetician will assess your skin and discuss the various treatment options with you. Telephone: 01384 889938  or Email: info@reflectskinandbodyclinic.co.uk