Laser Epilation

Laser hair removal is a permanent solution for getting rid of that unwanted hair. A powerful laser is used to penetrate the hair follicle, and kill the root, ensuring that there’s no regrowth.  However, the body has millions of active and inactive hair follicles, the laser will only destroy the active hair.  Therefore, additional treatments may be needed if the dormant hair becomes active.

You should always use a reputable laser hair removal clinic, where the technicians and machines will be high quality.

What’s the best hair removal laser?

In our laser hair removal clinic, we have a Soprano Ice Platinum laser hair removal system, which is the gold standard in hair removal lasers. The Soprano laser uses a patented technology of three wavelengths to achieve great results, it’s also fast and virtually pain-free.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Most lasers treatments are painful unless they have a pain-free mode like the Soprano Ice Platinum laser, which we use in our laser hair removal clinic.  The soprano Ice Platinum Laser uses patented technology which is a combination of three wavelengths and a special tip.


Can all hair colours be treated?

Lasers are more effective with dark hair and struggle to remove very light hair, this is because the laser energy is attracted to the melamine in the hair.  The more melamine the darker the hair!  The laser technician during your free consultation will be able to help you select the best treatment option for your unwanted hair. 

Skin types

Not all lasers can remove unwanted hair from all skin types. However, the Soprano Ice Platinum Laser can treat all skin types, including tanned skin.

Dark skin has often been difficult to treat, due to potential pigmentation damage (skin lightening). Light skin can be prone to burning as with overexposing to sunlight. New lasers with combined wavelengths, can treat most skin types including tanned skin.

The Soprano Ice Platinum laser can treat all skin types all year due to its unique technology. Most lasers are unable to perform treatments in the summer months due to the potential exposure to sunlight after treatment.

Before any treatments, a patch test will be carried out to ensure that your skin doesn’t have any unexpected reactions.

How long does laser hair removal take?

On average it takes between six to eight sessions to permanently remove the unwanted hair in the treatment area.  However, if the hair is thick and coarse it may require more treatments, your laser technician will be able to tell you approximately how many sessions will be needed.  

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