Laser Hair Removal Bikini

Can the laser remove unwanted hair from everywhere?

The Permanent removal of hair can be from anywhere you want, including:

Laser Hair Removal Bikini, Brazilian, Nose, Ears.
Laser Chin Hair Removal and the face.

We have special adapters!

How much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

According to an article in Bazaar, I read last year the average woman spends £23,000 on unwanted hair during their lifetimes. The ladies that shave will spend circa £6,500. Now it’s not just the financial cost of shaving and waxing its the downtime, the razor rash, being sore. Having to hide the stubble underclothing and excess makeup, need I go on about the embarrassment and stress! When you compare the cost of laser treatments for the full body that works out to be on average between £1374 – £2290 excluding the face, its a no-brainer.

Laser Hair Removal Bikini – Beach Ready

The freedom of being beach ready without having to worry about the unsightly stubbly hair all over your body. Stubbly legs, sore from razor rash or from that hot wax. Being afraid to raise your arms so no one can see your hairy pits! Shorts and bikinis on demand, wear them when you want. Well, ladies, it’s in reach we have the technology for the permanent removal of hair.

Imagine only having hair where you want it! Some people love hairy and that’s cool too, or maybe a little sweaty in the summer, your choice!

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

At our laser hair removal clinic, the answer is no; our laser has a paid free mode. As a rule of thumb, most lasers do hurt, it depends on your pain threshold. Our patients don’t worry about pain or icing the area being treated before their session. They’re able to relax and enjoy the experience often falling asleep.

The hair removal laser we use is the award-winning Soprano Ice Platinum Laser. Recognised as the most advanced medical/cosmetic hair removal laser in the world.

What’s the difference between IPL hair removal and laser?

The simple answer is one is a laser, and the other is not, the only similarity is that they both use light energy. Many outlets promote hair removal by laser when in fact they have an IPL (Intense Pulse Light Machine). Laser’s use a direct beam of light to penetrate the hair follicle and kill the bulb (root). The IPL uses a less effective spread of light energy like a light bulb. In fairness, some of the latest IPL systems achieve some reasonable results, but that’s usually down to a very well trained operator.

In our laser hair removal clinic, we use our IPL system for skin rejuvenation, And the Soprano Ice Platinum Laser for permanent hair removal.

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