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Reflect Skin and Body Clinic is a laser hair removal clinic based in Stourbridge, West Midlands. The clinic specialises in restoring and maintaining skin health, along with removing unwanted excess hair.

Our patients are both male and female, and we treat all skin colours from dark to lighter skin.

What Laser Do We Use?

Our laser hair removal clinic uses the Soprano Ice Platinum Hair Removal Laser. This award-winning laser is recognised around the world as the best hair removal laser. The laser uses a unique combination of three wavelengths which is patented technology.

Is Laser Hair Removal Expensive?

When compared to shaving and waxing No, but you should make up your own mind.  Nothing is cheaper than shaving all it takes is a razor and some water, that’s not likely to break the bank.  However, depending on the excess hair you may find that you are shaving daily leaving the skin sore and inflamed.

Leg waxing on average costs circa £600 per year and needs to be done every three weeks to get the best results.  Waxing is not the most comfortable of treatments and often leaves the skin sore and inflamed.

Permanent Laser hair removal for both legs based on six sessions would be £1350.  In our laser hair removal clinic, you can do full body based on six sessions for circa £1374 or £229 per session, with the Soprano Ice Platinum Laser.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

The Soprano Ice Platinum Laser has a pain free mode and is the only hair removal laser that is virtually pain free.

What is the difference between a laser and an IPL?

In simple terms, a laser uses a direct focused beam of light energy. Whereas, an Intense Pulse Light machine (IPL) uses a scattered approach like a light bulb.  The laser energy is naturally attracted to the melamine in the hair follicle, unlike the IPL’s energy which affects both the skin and hair.  Our laser the Soprano Ice Platinum uses three wavelengths from the light spectrum which provides focused light energy.  whereas the IPL could be using up to 700 wavelengths simultaneously.

Lasers and IPLs are very different, and this is reflected in the purchase price as a laser is considerably more expensive than an IPL.

We use IPL for skin rejuvenation, not hair removal in our laser hair removal clinic!

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