Laser Hair Stourbridge

Laser hair removal Stourbridge

Removing unwanted hair can be an expensive and painful experience. With endless waxing, shaving and not, let’s forget the time and money. It all mounts up!

The cost of shaving or waxing over a lifetime is estimated at between £23,000 -£6500. This overhead is unpleasant enough. But when you take into account the inconvenience of regular waxing and shaving the cost is much more considerable.

Not to mention the trip to the salon, parking the car and the sore skin after the waxing. What else could you be doing with your time and money! And is there a better option?

What’s the alternative to waxing and shaving?

Laser Hair Removal has become a favoured option over waxing and shaving as it will permanently remove excess hair by killing the hairs root following on average six to eight sessions, four weeks apart whereas waxing and shaving are only temporary solutions. Waxing is a semipermanent solution as it will remove the hair from the root. However, the process will need repeating every three weeks.  As hot wax is used, allowed to dry and then ripped off, often resulting in discomfort and irritated skin.  Shaving removes the hair from the surface of the skin but can be very convenient as you can do it almost anytime. With shaving often leaving the skin sore and inflamed.



How much is laser hair removal?

The cost is on average, between £40 -£400 per session, we charge £229 per hour currently for unlimited hair removal.  However, the price is dependent on the quality of the laser used, who’s doing the treatment, the area treated the type of hair and the colour of the skin.


Dark hair is easier to remove with a laser than light hair, but thick hair is harder to remove than fine hair.  Whereas skin types create a challenge to ensure that the skin does not burn or suffer pigmentation damage.

Doctor or Laser Technician

If a doctor performs, your treatment, you will pay more for the privilege, with no added benefit unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Treatment Area

A large area will generally cost more than a small space, and some areas are more time consuming than others.

Laser Quality

You get what you pay for, so cheap is not always the best option! The quality of laser systems differs enormously from cheap Chinese imports to the best on the market the Soprano Ice Platinum Laser Hair Removal System. And not forgetting the IPL (Intense Pulse Light) systems that are frequently passed off as lasers. But they are not.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Lasers are generally painful due to the fact they are directing high-intensity light energy onto the area with the excess hair. Ice is applied before and after treatment to reduce discomfort. Alternatively, a cooling machine blows cold air on the treatment area to dissipate the heat.  However, the only laser with a pain-free mode is the Soprano Ice Platinum.

Why is the Soprano Ice Platinum Pain-Free?

The Soprano Ice Platinum Hair Removal Laser uses a unique patented cooling tip to remove hair virtually pain-Free permanently.  Another unique quality of the Soprano Ice Platinum is its ability to combine three wavelengths allowing it to treat all skin types, including suntanned skin.

Hair Removal at Reflect Skin and Body Clinic

We use the Soprano Ice Platinum Laser Hair Removal that is known as the Gold Standard in Laser Hair Removal. It can remove unwanted hair from all skin types. Including dark and lighter skin virtually pain-free faster than any other laser.

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