Laser Hair Removal Birmingham Area.

Laser hair removal, is a very popular method of permanently reducing unwanted hair anywhere on the body.  Including, the nose and ears.  Which our male clients are delighted with!

Why is laser hair removal so popular?

The popularity of this form of hair removal is as a result of it being virtually Pain Free and permanent, with no downtime.  Unlike many of the alternatives available, which often leave the skin red and sore!

What is the difference between IPL and Laser Hair Removal?

Lasers generate a direct beam of light energy, where in contrast the IPL generates scattered light energy, similar to a light bulb.  This means that a laser can directly target the hair follicle achieving deeper penetration.  Resulting, in the root of the hair (bulb) being destroyed permanently. The IPL has a more random concentration of light energy, which frequently fails to penetrate deep enough to kill the root of the hair follicle.  Therefore, we often see regrowth.

This lack of understanding may be as a direct result of businesses advertising Laser Hair Removal when in fact they use an IPL (Intense Pulse Light) systems.  We see this frequently in beauty salons and low quality clinics.

In our clinic IPL systems are used for skin rejuvenation only.   And for hair removal we use the Soprano Ice Platinum Hair Removal Laser that treats all skin types including dark and lighter skin twice as fast.  In fact its so good we guarantee the results!.

This doesn’t mean that IPL is not effective for hair removal!  As a good quality machine with a highly trained technician can achieve good results too.  But we prefer superior Laser technology that is virtually pain free, unlike IPL that can be very painful.

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Laser Hair Removal Birmingham
Laser hair Removal Birmingham
Laser Hair Removal Birmingham