Male Hair Removal

Male Hair Removal

Male hair removal is very popular in our laser hair removal clinic based in Stourbridge West Midlands. Men often suffer from excess hair on their chest stomachs and backs. This can be very embarrassing when they remove their clothes or may interfere with a sport where they need to be streamlined. Some men want to remove the excess hair for hygiene purposes as it can aid excess sweating and lead to a bacterial buildup and result in a bad smell!

Hair Removal Options

There are a number of ways to remove unwanted hair the most popular being shaving and then waxing. Neither of these methods is permanent and often leave the skin sore and red. Waxing needs to be done every three to four weeks and rips out the hair follicles from the root. Where shaving just removes the surface hair and is likely to need to be daily to maintain a smooth appearance. Alternatively, there is a permanent solution, laser male hair removal.

Laser Male Hair Removal

The permanent hair removal solution for men is laser hair removal. A laser works by killing the hairs root permanently ensuring that there is no regrowth.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

A laser is painful unless the laser has a pain free mode like the Soprano Ice Platinum that we use in our laser hair removal clinic.  The soprano Ice Platinum laser is recognised as the best hair removal laser in the world, with its patented technology.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Shaving is the cheapest form of male hair removal as all you need is a razor and some water. Waxing costs circa £30 per session for the back and needs doing every three weeks, so you’re looking at an annual cost of circa £519. Whereas a full body laser treatment will cost circa £229 per session, so based on six treatments you’re looking at a one-off cost of £1374.

Does the hair grow back after it’s been lasered?

The laser permanently removes unwanted hair. However, a maintenance treatment may be needed if inactive hair follicles start to grow. People have millions of hair follicles on their bodies and not all are active at the same time.

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