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  • In ancient Egypt, the men liked to be well groomed!
  • The 1970’s – big fluffy chests were all the rage!
  • Male grooming is very popular these days thanks to celebrities like David Beckham!
  • It’s not girly anymore
  • ‘Manscaping’ 
  • Hair Reduction & Removal 


Ancient Egyptians – Men hair removal

In ancient Egypt, the men liked to be well groomed and removed their body hair with sticky beeswax and strips of cloth.

The 1970’s

How fashions changed, as in the 1970’s, a man was not a man without a big fluffy chest rug and a hairy bottom.

David Beckham & Celebrity males

Male grooming is very popular these days thanks to masculine celebrity males like David Beckham and Channing Tatum, who look great in and out of clothes!!

It’s not seen as girly for men to have their eyebrows plucked or their body hair removed.  In our body clinic, we are seeing a rise in men hair removal.  Known as ‘Manscaping’  And men wishing to reduce their hair covering!

Is it painful?

The most frequent question asked by men is “Does it hurt?” – The good news is guys

“IT’S PAIN-FREE”  with our Soprano Ice Platinum Laser 


Men Hair Removal


If you want to go down the traditional route of waxing yes it does hurt!

To learn more about all the various hair removal options click the link

Why do it in the first place?

In the stone age, men needed a great covering of hair to keep warm.  But as society has developed most men now wear clothes when out in public.  Unless displaying themselves on the beach or at the local swimming pool or gym.

Many sportsmen, cyclists, swimmers and athletes strip off their hair to become more streamline.  To enhance their performance.  Whereas body builders and models just want to show off the muscles they have worked hard for.

It’s encouraged

‘Manscaping’ (men hair removal) is often encouraged by the significant other in the man’s life.  And with the pain-free options available it’s easier for the girls to get the man into the hair removal clinic.

Chest hair is acceptable – Hairy Backs are not

Chest hair that is neatly trimmed is acceptable.  But back hair tends to look messy and unkempt and isn’t so popular.

We find ourselves regularly removing unwanted back hair and shaping the chest hair.

Men hair removal


DIY horror stories

We all love a guy who can do some DIY at home, putting up shelves and decorating, especially if they are well groomed!  But guys shaving your chest and using hair removal creams often ends in tears if your too rough or use too much.  Resulting in sore and rash covered skin.

Men hair removal made easy

Everyone has their own technique or a helper.  But take my advice get it done professionally it’s so easy these days.  Our clinic uses the soprano Ice Platinum laser, it’s pain-free with no downtime or mess.  Your treatment can be on the way home from work or before a night out.

Unlike shaving the hair doesn’t grow back it’s permanently removed making your life easy.

Under Arm hair

Men generally tend to leave their armpit hair unless it gets too long and unsightly.  One of the biggest issues we come across is excess sweating and body odour!

Stuart our Nurse Prescriber said “Well trimmed hair is more hygienic and less likely to absorb sweat.  Which is the main cause of odour”

Hyperhidrosis is the term for excess sweating that Stuart can help prevent.

Private Hair – down below

We frequently see the results of the DIY warrior who has been a bit reckless with the Sharpe clippers or scissors.  Gentlemen, it’s not just you the girls have accidents too!

It can appear bigger

We will leave this to your imagination, but we have been told that things seem larger.  This may appeal to some ladies and gentlemen.

Pubic hair tends to be darker and absorbs more light leaving the surrounding area darker and giving things the appearance of being smaller!  By cutting back the bush more light is available, in some cases allowing you to see more, “an Optical illusion may be”!


Stuart our nurse prescriber was quoted earlier talking about hygiene and the same applies to your private regions.  Less hair makes it easier to keep clean, thus reducing any odour.


Shaving & Waxing

A very cruel wife or girlfriend will recommend shaving or waxing.  For one, you will need nerves of steel and a steady hand.  And for waxing a very high pain threshold, especially if you are having a “boyzilian”.  That removes the hair from everywhere possible.  If you are going down this route use a professional!

Alternatively, have Pain Free Laser Hair Removal.  Which is quick and permanent, unlike shaving and waxing.  Our professional Laser Hair Removal Clinic do this treatment daily.


Men Hair Removal


Eyebrows tend to grow more as you get older especially the long wiry ones.  Maybe this is nature’s way of replacing the lost hair on the head.  Sorry guys, that was a cruel dig at my husband!

At the clinic we are able to laser the centre brow, that breaks up that one brow across the forehead.

Most hairdressers or barbers will trim your eyebrows when you’re having your haircut.  Alternatively, you could go over them with your clippers, but make sure you use the right size guard.

Beauty salons and threading booths often set up in the middle of shopping centres have technicians who will be able to help.  They often use techniques like threading, which is covered in another post. Which is fast and effective, but often draws a crowd as you squeal in pain.  Not a good image for a macho man.


Nose and ear hair

Nose and ear hair usually effects men as they grow older.  With it sprouting uncontrollably and looking unsightly.

The good news is that our men hair removal laser permanently and painlessly removes nose and ear hair.  Our Soprano Ice Platinum Laser is the only laser in the world with the attachment.

Alternatively, you can use a pair of tiny scissors or clippers.  Or if you like pain, you can pluck them out of your nose with tweezers!

Whilst preparing for this article, I was told about the local Turkish barber.  He uses an old fashion method involving a cotton bud, alcohol and a lighter!  I sent my husband to try it out and he loved it!  Don’t try it at home, leave this one to the experts.


Some men are better off wearing socks with their sandals in the summer.  In fashion terms, it’s worse than having hairy feet.

If you have hairy trotters and your planning on wearing those sandals or flip flops then the hair removal options, we talked about earlier apply equally to the feet. Pain-Free laser is best!

Facial hair

Beards are all the rage with many of the Hollywood stars sporting some nicely shaped facial hair.

Nicely shaped is the key and we are regularly shaping facial hair for men of all ages with our Pain-Free Laser.  Of course, you could shave or visit the barber on a regular basis.  Maybe when you’re getting your alcohol and lighter treatment.  For those of you scratting your head, it’s in the Nose hair section.


We or shall I say I, have had a lot of fun writing this article and I’m not really that cruel to my husband I love him very much.  Just like your partner does.  And I’m sure however you decide to wear your hair they will be happy.

However, I must confess, I was expecting a different outcome with the alcohol and lighter treatment.  Slightly disappointed but all in good fun.

My best advice is to remember that fashions change and who knows a big hairy chest may be all the rage next year!

But for those of you who want to get hair free, our Pain-Free men hair removal laser is ready and waiting for you.

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