Permanent Facial Hair Removal

What is the Best Method Of Permanent Facial Hair Removal?


Here, are five different facial hair removal methods, to help you decide the one that is most suited for your skin.



Is a temporary solution that will need repeating every six to twelve weeks.  When the hot liquid wax has cooled and gone hard, it is ripped off removing the excess hair — often leaving the skin sore and red!  This solution is cheap and popular.


This is a temporary fix, involving using a fine cord to rip out the unwanted hair.  The process will need repeating every six to eight weeks.


A pair of tweezers is used to remove the unwanted hair individually.  Again this is a tempory solution and will need redoing every three to six weeks.


Permanently removes unwanted hair after six to eight sessions.  This treatment can be uncomfortable unless your treatment is with the Award Winning Soprano Ice Platinum laser that has a pain free mode.






Hair removal creams are temporary and often an uncomfortable method of hair removal, especially in the more delicate areas. The treatment will be needed every couple of weeks.


Shaving is by far the most popular way of removing excess hair as its very cost effective, all you need is a razor, soap and water.  However, this often leaves the skin sore and inflamed.  Some people have to shave daily to keep hair growth under control. But the stubble often shows again after several hours.

Excess Hairs An Issue

Unwanted facial hair is a real issue for many people who have often tried multiple methods of removal without any permanent results. In most cases, extraction is for cosmetic reasons, but in some instances, it is health related.

We help ladies and gentlemen every day, remove facial hair, including the nose and ears permanently in most cases. But in others, we can offer solutions to control and improve the appearance only as permanent removal is not possible.

What can cause excess hair growth?

Excess hair growth is caused by high levels of male hormones, which may be caused by an underlying medical condition in females called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  For more information on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and the treatment options follow. This condition only affects women  However, it may just be a natural occurrence, but we would recommend that you always consult your doctor.

Before we look at treatment options, we need to look at the causes and the type of hair. Along with skin type and colour. Only then can the correct treatment be recommended.

Men tend to have thicker coarser facial hair than women, which is natural. Females often have wispy light hair called vellus hair. But both sexes can also have very thick hair.

What is the best hair removal method?

The most effective and permanent treatment is Laser Hair Removal using the Award Winning Soprano Ice Platinum Laser. This option will remove hair for good for all skin types and colours. Except for light vellus hair that needs to removing with alternative methods. Such as electrolysis or micro blading.  We are so confident we guarantee the results!

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