Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Removal

Imagine never having to shave, wax or pluck unwanted hair again and being able to wear the clothes that you want to when you want to. Having total freedom and not having to cover up your unwanted hair ever again. Its no longer a dream, no one has to suffer from the physical and mental challenges of unwanted excess hair.

Permanent hair removal is achievable with lasers, yes ‘Laser Hair Removal.’ The laser energy targets the hair follicle and kills it permanently.

Does laser hair removal work on blonde hair?

Laser hair removal works best on dark hair as this absorbs the light energy, whereas lighter coloured hair reflects the laser’s beam. So the darker the hair, the more effective the hair removal treatment.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Yes, and No, it all depends on the laser system used to perform the treatment. The award-winning Soprano Ice Platinum, hair removal laser is recognised by the industry as the most effective permanent hair removal system in the world. It also has a Pain Free mode, which makes the treatment virtually pain free. It achieves this with its patented technology.

The other hair removal laser systems on the market tend to be painful but remember people have different pain thresholds. Applying an ice pack to the treatment area before lasering may help reduce the discomfort. Some systems blow cold air onto the surface of the skin during treatment.

IPL Hair Removal is this the same as a laser?

No, Intense Pulse Light Systems (IPL) are different from lasers. Lasers fire a straight beam of light energy, whereas an IPL machine has a more scattered approach. Some outlets promote IPL for hair removal and often refer to it like a laser, let this be your first warning sign that they don’t understand the difference. There are some excellent IPL hair removal systems, but to get the results the operator needs to be very skilful to ensure that the unwanted hair does not regrow.

Do lasers burn the skin?

A highly trained laser technician is unlikely to burn your skin. When setting the power, they will have taken into account your hair type and skin colour. Besides the laser is attracted to the hair follicle so tends to miss the skin. However, the chance of burning with an IPL system is much higher due to the spread of light energy.

Does laser hair removal work on dark skin?

The issue with dark skin is pigmentation damage (Skin Lightening). However, the Soprano Ice Platinum Laser can remove hair from all skin types without pigmentation damage.

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