Prevent Ingrown Hair


Ingrown hairs often have the appearance of an angry boil, red and inflamed. They can be itchy and uncomfortable and usually come in groups, initially starting as little bumps and then growing into larger boils. The hair grows inward and causes a build-up of puss.

Men usually get ingrown hairs on their chins, necks or cheeks, whereas women tend to get them on their legs and in their private areas and armpits. However, you can get ingrowing hairs anywhere on the body.

What Causes Ingrowing Hairs

Anyone can get an ingrowing hair, but it tends to be people with thick cause hair — that instead of growing away from the body curls back into the skin and grows inwards. Dead skin and grime blocking up the hair follicle can cause an ingrowing hair. Alternatively, it can be as a result of cutting the hair too close to the surface.

High levels of the male hormone may encourage the excess growth of hair. This hormone level can be genetic or be as a result of an underlying illness like polycystic ovarian syndrome (POC). If suffering from ingrowing hairs, a doctor should be consulted to check for any illness or hormone abnormalities.

How to prevent ingrown hair?

Ingrown hairs can be prevented by following simple steps when shaving.

Firstly, apply a warm wet flannel in a circular motion the face before shaving this will help to open the pores of the skin and loosen any stubborn hairs before shaving apply a gel to reduce the friction on the surface of the skin. Always use a clean, sharp razor and clean the blade after every pass. While Shaving in the direction the hair grows. Avoid shaving too close to the skin and always leave a little bit of stubble. When finished apply a cold, clean flannel to the skin to reduce inflammation and close the skin’s pores.

Alternative methods of hair removal to prevent ingrown hair

Hair removal creams could be used to dissolve the hair. However, this would only be a temporary fix as the hair would grow back. Alternatively, electrolysis could be used on individual hairs permanently removing them. For many hairs, laser hair removal would be the best option as this will permanently remove a large number of hairs on the whole body if necessary.

Is laser hair removal painful?

A laser uses a concentrated beam of light energy to kill the hair follicle permanently, and the process is usually painful unless the laser has a pain free mode like the patented Soprano Ice Platinum laser used in our laser hair removal clinic.

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