Skin Laser Hair Removal

What is skin laser hair removal?

Skin Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that permanently removes unwanted hair from anywhere on the body. Laser’s light energy is attracted to the melanin (pigmentation) in the hair, penetrating and killing the hairs root.

Permanently removing unwanted hair is a passion at Reflect skin & Body Clinic. And by investing in the best laser hair removal system in the world, the Soprano Ice Platinum is an essential part of ensuring we deliver results.

How fast is laser removal?

On average you will need six to eight sessions, with four weeks between treatments to permanently remove unwanted hair. However, thick, dense hair may require additional treatments.

Twice As Fast

The Soprano Ice Platinum Laser is twice as powerful as its predecessor the Soprano Ice XL, giving it the ability to treat more unwanted hair in half the time as most other hair removal lasers.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Laser hair removal is not as painful as waxing. However, the discomfort from some lasers lasts for the duration of the session. Unlike the short term pain when the wax strip is ripped off! I have heard many people compare the feeling during treatment to being flicked by an elastic band with intense heat.
Pain is very individual with some people having a high and others a low threshold.

Virtually Pain-free Technology

An additional benefit of the Soprano Ice laser is the patented cooling tip that allows a virtually pain-free treatment. However, I can personally vouch for the procedure being painless, as, during my hour session, I felt no discomfort.  To See a treatment video follow the link.


Does laser hair removal work on dark and lighter skin?

Some lasers can treat all skin types, including dark, light and even tanned skin. It is dependent on the lasers wavelength or combination of wavelengths. Using the wrong laser on the skin may cause pigmentation damage.

In our clinic, we use the Soprano Ice Platinum laser, which treats all skin types, and colours even tanned skin. Due to its unique use of three wavelengths, that’s called SRH technology. To learn more, follow the link to our Laser Hair Removal page.

Can lasers remove dark and lighter hair?

The laser’s light energy is naturally attracted to dark colours. Therefore, the darker the hair, the easier it is to stop it from growing again. However, light hair can be challenging to remove. An experienced technician will be able to advise alternative options.

Can I have laser hair removal with suntanned skin?

The general advice would be no as the skin would have been exposed and damaged by the sun’s light energy. However, some lasers with a suitable wavelength may be able to treat as long as the skin is not red and burnt.

The Soprano Ice Platinum Laser Can Treat Suntanned Skin

The Soprano Ice lasers are unique in their ability to treat suntanned and sun-exposed skin. Also, the laser will not damage the colour or burn the skin’s surface; this is the danger with other lessor lasers.

What’s the difference between IPL and Laser?

The primary difference between IPL and Laser is in the technology that both use to generate light energy. Unfortunately, many practitioners and patients think that an IPL is the same as a laser. However, the two machines are very different. The laser emits a focused beam of light energy. Whereas, the IPL projects a spread of random light power, comparable to that of a light bulb. For further information, follow the link.

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