Soprano Laser Hair Removal Review

In the clinic we are frequently asked “Does laser hair removal work?” and “Will it grow back?”.  The honest answer to both questions is Yes!  In fact, up to 95% of hair will be permanently removed.  The reason for this is that everyone has their own unique design.  And this includes skin type, skin and hair colour. Hormones levels in people also play a major part in hair growth and we will explore this later in more detail.

Hair Growth & Hormones

Hormones cause hair growth, if you have high levels of hormones your hair is likely to grow more than someone with low hormone levels.  

Some people have naturally high hormone levels and in others it is caused by diseases such as Polytheistic Ovarian Syndrome.  And for the purpose of this article we will leave it there.

What needs to be considered before Laser Hair Removal

Lasers use light energy to destroy the bulb at the base of the hair follicle.  So one of the first considerations is how the light energy will react to the hair and skin.   The light energy is naturally absorbed by darker colours and reflected by lighter ones, this is basic physics.  Then we examine the density of the hair.  The more hair there is the longer it will take for the light energy to penetrate the many hair follicles to destroy the bulbs and permanently stop hair growth. 

Skin colour is the next stage. We know dark skin is more likely to burn than light skin.  And that darker skin is more prone to lightening (hypero-pigmentation damage).  A well trained laser technician will adjust the laser’s settings for individual skin and hair types.  And will give an estimate of the number of sessions that will be needed.

Finally, we have to consider what type of laser is going to be used.  Not all lasers are the same and unfortunately some businesses call their machines lasers when they are not.  At the end of this article there is a link to another article that explains this in more detail.

Our choice of laser for Hair Removal

Following extensive research we decided on the Soprano Ice Hair Removal Laser.  This laser is recognised by the laser industry as the gold standard for laser hair removal.   

The Soprano laser is unique as it can remove unwanted hair from all skin types virtually pain-free.  This is achieved, by using three wavelengths and a special cooling tip.

The lasers results have been so impressive, that we upgraded to the latest model which is twice as fast.  The Soprano Ice Platinum Hair Removal Laser.

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