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Sublimation Crows Feet
Sublimation Eyelid Lift

A New Non-Surgical Plasma Treatment

Sublimation is a new non-surgical plasma treatment that’s nonevasive and painless. That treats aesthetic skin problems without damaging the surrounding tissues.

This treatment is the only painless way to dissolve unwanted:

Stretch Marks
Sagging Eye Lids
Eye Bags
Lip Contour
Hand Rejuvenation
Skin Tags
Age Spots
Pigmentation Marks
White Spots

How does Plasma work?

Sublimation uses electrical plasma energy to turn matter from a solid state to a gas. This process works on the skin by painlessly dissolving the top layer of the skin without penetration.

The superficial controlled damage to the surface of the skin stimulates the bodies natural healing mechanism. Resulting in the formation of new skin that either removes or repairs the treatment area. There is no damage to pigmentation or the skin.

Immediate Visible Results

Following treatment, there is always some visible evidence. For example, a small age spot will typically disappear with one treatment. Whereas eye treatments, we would expect between 2-4 sessions to complete the process. Lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and tattoos will typically require between 4-10 treatments. Depending on the individual depth size of the lines and colour of the tattoo.


Care Guidance


  • Following the procedure, you may experience for 24-48hrs some swelling, itching, and hyperpigmentation. This reaction is normal and in some cases, may last up to a week.
  • We recommend that for 3 – 10 days (The Sensitivity Period) to avoid makeup, facials, intense sunlight, saunas, and sunbeds.
  • Following washing, be careful only to pat dry the treated area. And to use the Plant Stem Cell Cream, provided.
  • After 10 – 21 days (The Recovery Period), the skin will be healed, and the results will be fully visible.
  • Follow up treatments can only be booked once the skin has healed. Up to three are needed to maintain the result in the face, and the body is on an individual basis.

Do & Don’ts

  • Only apply the aftercare cream to the treated area given to you by the clinic. And use the cream as guided by the clinic.
  • For 48hrs you should not use saunas, spas or Jacuzzies.
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun or sunbeds while the skin is healing and for the duration of the course.
  • No makeup can be applied to the treatment area to avoid infection.
  • No spray tans in the treated area.
  • When bathing or showering a small amount of the aftercare cream should be used as a barrier.
  • Avoid hot water while healing.
  • To avoid infection, avoid picking the crust on the skin.
  • On completion of your course always apply a suitable moisturiser with SPF protection.
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