Sun Damage to Skin

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Sun Damage to Skin
Sun Damage Skin

Sun damage to skin

Most people love the warmth of the sun’s rays on our skin. And in the short term, it makes us feel good and gives us a healthy-looking complexion.  Providing we don’t spend too long exposed to the harmful rays and get burnt!

Healthy-Looking Complexion

What people don’t realise is that glowing skin from sunbathing or a tanning booth is not healthy.  And accelerates the ageing process and increases the risk of you developing skin cancer.


The natural process of ageing is accelerated by exposure to the sun.  Whilst you are young this damage may not be apparent but the damage will show in later life.  Over time the Sun’s ultraviolet light damages the fibres in the skin called elastin.  Leading to increased lines, wrinkles and saggy skin.

Skin cancer

This type of cancer is on the increase with most people knowing someone who has the disease or has had it.


Prevention is better than cure, so always use a good quality factor 50 sunscreen on your face and a minimum of 30 on your body.  If possible avoid direct sun exposure.  A word of warning, check to see if the sunscreen is still in date.  If not throw it away and buy a new one as it may not protect you.

Our in clinic experts can help you chose a suitable sunscreen for your skin type.

See your future

How can you see if you have sun damage?

Long term skin damage can only be seen with advanced Ultraviolet skin analysis technology.  It is not possible to see the damage with a visual inspection from the naked eye.

The skin analysis can accurately the identify the level of sun damage to skin and does this with giving a skin age.  For example; a 30-year-old female may have an underlying skin age of 40 years old.  This means that over time 5-10 years her skin will age faster than her peers that have avoided sun exposure.

Restore that clear skin tone with Reflects range of sun damage treatments;

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Treatment Options

Sun Damage Skin 

Treatment options

  • HydraFacial – is non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that delivers instant results with no discomfort or downtime. The procedure is immediately effective.
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  • Skin Peels-  can help to restore your skin’s natural look to appear smoother, younger, brighter and healthier again.
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  • Micro Needling – the principle behind this treatment is simple, it is a non-surgical skin- rejuvenation treatment.

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Sun Damage Treatment
Sun Damage
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