Terms & Conditions

 Your Appointment

To maximise your experience at Reflect Skin & Body Clinic. Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment and be seated in our lounge, ready for your therapist. All appointment times include room preparation and consultation. We include enough time for you to change your clothes.

Please allow extra time for your journey to ensure that you’re not late for your appointment. Your appointment will end at your allotted slot. To avoid inconveniencing other clients.

To preserve a peaceful atmosphere, we request that all mobile phones are switched off before entering the treatment rooms. 

Booking Policy

Your treatment may require us to purchase perishable products in advance. We charge a deposit to cover part of the cost to avoid financial loss due to unattended appointments.

A deposit of between £25-50 may be required (subject to the treatment) to reserve an appointment during busy periods. Deposits are refunded using the same medium as when paid; this reduces fraud protecting both parties.  

Cancellation Charges

Cancellations without notice cost the clinic money and disadvantage other clients who could fill the appointment slot.

Deposits are forfeited if two working days’ notice (48 hours) is not given to cancel or change the appointment.

Cancellation or rearrangement of prepaid and GoCardless course appointments will be forfeited if two working days (48 hours) notice is not given. 

For exceptional circumstances of our 48-hour policy is at the Clinical Director/Managers discretion. 

Persistent offenders of our 48-hour cancellation policy may not have further appointments.

Our working hours are clearly stated on our website and in the clinic; this includes statutory holiday closures required by law and discretionary closures. 

The deposit is carried over to your next booked appointment at our discretion if we can rebook with another client.


The in-clinic price and offers supersede the rates displayed on our websites.

Offer & Course Prices

Courses where the monthly payment option is selected require an initial non-refundable down payment. The balance is divided over the remaining treatment months and paid monthly via a payment plan.

Introduce A Friend Voucher

The voucher is only valid once the introduced friends pay for an aesthetic treatment in full, the voucher will then be credited to your account. 

The manager/director’s decision is final in all matters relating to vouchers. For the avoidance of doubt, the clinic managers decision is final, and we won’t correspond.

Price Match Policy

If you find the same treatment in a clinic for a lower cost within a five-mile radius of our clinic, we will match it. The term ‘The same treatment’ means the same treatment using the same branded machine, products, treatment area, treatment duration and qualified technician. 

The Clinic Director/Manager will verify the price match to determine if it meets our price match policy. For the avoidance of doubt, the clinic managers decision is final, and we won’t correspond.

Guaranteed Results Policy (Laser Hair Removal)

We will guarantee the results of your treatment, or we will refund your money. Provided you have completed your treatments or procedures as agreed in your treatment plan and have complied with the aftercare and signed the ‘Guaranteed Results Agreement ‘during your consultation. 

In respect of Laser treatments, these must be carried out at 28-day intervals or technicians’ advice, and you must complete the agreed number of sessions. Also, recognise that the laser will only permanently remove the active hair follicles. In addition, some hair and skin types may require additional treatments.

Photographs of the treatment area before and after will be taken regularly to monitor progress. Photographs are the responsibility of both the therapist and the patient. If you don’t consent to the pictures or there are no photos, the ‘Guaranteed Results policy’ will not apply.

The clinic Directors/Managers decision is final in all matters.

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is in line with the Sale of Goods Act 1979. We aim to treat our customers fairly and refund any unopened products in a saleable condition and accompanied with the original receipt. Opened or damaged products will not be refunded.  

A full refund is available within seven days for any prepaid course or package that has not started, subject to the clinic’s discretion. No refunds are available for partially completed courses or packages.

Treatments or services already received will not be refunded.

Refunds will not be given where medical information requested in the ‘Consultation Form’ has not been disclosed.  

Refunds are not available for any treatments, courses or packages that form part of a promotional offer.

Off-Peak Treatments

Off-peak treatments are typically carried out on a Tuesday/Friday and usually apply to offers and promotions.

Offers & Promotions

The term ‘New Patients’ refers to new patients to the clinic or existing patients with a new service.

Offers and promotion prices refer to the first treatment only, unless relating to an offered course.

Email: Info@reflectskinandbodyclinic.co.uk  

Tel: 01384 889938